Storage Solution

I've been buying so much stuff recently and it was starting to drown our two bedroom flat and although my OH is understanding and patient I could sense he was getting a little annoyed with my stash being everywhere he went!

We popped to homebase to get some shelves (more stash storage!) and I spotted this chest of drawers for £14! These sorts of things are usually £30 so I debated with myself for a short while and decided to get one. It is very sturdy and even has wheels on the back so I can wheel it in and out of the room for when I'm not using it! It is currently housing all my card blanks in the bottom drawer, stamps and stamping supplies in the next, card toppers, accessories and embossing equipment in the next and all my paper pads in the top one. The best part is there is still room for more!

It also means that when I want to craft, instead of carrying 7 boxes from the spare room to the lounge and rummaging through them all, I can have this set of drawers next to my table and everything is in easy reach!