30 Random Acts of Kindness for my 30th Birthday

So I've been thinking for a while about what to do for my upcoming 30th birthday. Being a bit anti-social I never really celebrated my 18th or 21st, however I am more confident these days so at first I planned a big party with a hog roast and dancing. Then I realised I'm still not that sociable and don't like dancing in public.

So I thought doing something smaller with a select few friends might suffice, but as much as I love my friends and family the thought of a trip away by myself also became an option!

I eventually came up with the idea of doing 30 random acts of kindness, jumped on to Pinterest and of course I wasn't the first! But this didn't faze me, as I've decided that although I will probably celebrate with my family with a trip to Gullivers Land or Cbeebies Land, part of me becoming 30 is starting to grow up and think of others more.

I'm still writing out my list so if you have any ideas please comment and send them my way. I will update you as I go but if you live local and come across a random surprise don't be shy, just accept the gift and pass it on!

RAOK Number 1: Princess party bag filled with goodies at the local park. See it here.
RAOK Number 2: Helped an elderly lady phone home. See it here. 
RAOK Number 3: Free stamp set to a lady who missed out on my Ebay sales. See it here. 
RAOK Number 4: Dino gift for friend's son. See it here.