Friday, 1 January 2016

Playmobil Pirate Sets - Review

Playmobil Pirate Sets - Review

We bought our son both of these playmobil sets for Christmas. He has had lego in the past (despite being so young he loves things like that) but we felt that as he is unable to follow instructions (meaning hubby has to build it) he wasn't getting full enjoyment out of it. I had a large collection of playmobil when I was younger and remember it fondly.

You can purchase the Playmobil Pirates Ship Skull and Bones Corsair* and the Playmobil Take Along Pirates Chest* at Amazon for less than £30 (as I write.)

First off, there are tonnes of small parts that come with these! I would recommend opening the box and putting the main parts together before giving to children under 6. Even once they are put together if you aren't a fan of small parts then this is not the toy for you! We don't mind it in our house so much so it wouldn't put me off buying anymore sets but bare it in mind if you have pets etc.

Once the sets were all put together I was impressed with the quality and detail of each. They came with "working" cannons which fire small plastic darts at a decent speed. The small parts I mentioned earlier include treasure and guns for the pirates to battle over. All of which my son just adored and added to the excitement of playing with his new toys.

All in all I think my son will get more out of this set as he gets older (and we will hopefully add to the collection) however I think both these sets represent excellent value for money.

You can buy both sets at Amazon. *Clicking links from this site does not cost you any extra but helps keep it going!

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