Wedding Invitations

I knew I wanted to make my own invitations but I didn't count on having assignments due in around the time they needed to be out! So I decided to keep it simple and use some burgundy ribbon from here and I bought some card and envelopes from Colemans in Northampton. In total I spent the grand sum of £25 for 40 invitations. For the evening invitations I actually used what I had in my stash and those probably cost me about £15 as most of it was what was included in a goody bag from Craft Superstore!
This photo is actually an unfinished one as you can see the ribbon isn't actually attached but I used the Xyron sticker maker to run through all the ribbon and just peeled it away and stuck it on....if anyone knows where I can get permenent refills for this at a decent price please let me know! It's the little red one.