Day 1 of my new blog

Ok so I thought about the idea of having 2 blogs one about me and this craft one, but I've decided that I'll link the 2 together.

So from today on this blog will be about me, my weight loss journey, my baby girl and my crafting exploits all in one exciting package!

So here goes:

Yesterday I started a Slimming World diet, I was supposed to start last Thursday but Friday I had no food in, Saturday I was ill and Sunday was my wedding anniversary so we went out for a meal. I made carrot and coridander soup for lunch (no syns!) and a no syn chilli for dinner.

I have 64lbs to lose in total.

Today I'm thinking about whether to start a feeding routine with my 8 week old. She's such a good baby but being up twice every night is something I'm not sure I can sustain much longer. I currently feed her whenever she likes and she takes as much as she wants. I'm thinking she could take more at each feed and therefore reduce the night feed to just 1. I've also been a bit lazy about a bedtime routine, sometimes she is bathed by 7pm sometimes she's still asleep at 9pm and it's too late to think about bathing her before bed. Another thing I'm hoping a routine might sort out. HOWEVER, she is a good baby and would trying to introduce a routine change this?

Anyway I suppose that's it for now. Here is my gorgeous baby girl smiling!