Hello Fresh, Hello Delicious!

Being a busy working Mum means I don’t get a lot of time to cook fresh, healthy dinners for my kids. I received a voucher for money off a Hello Fresh box so took the plunge and ordered the 5 meal box. I was excited, not only about receiving a box full of fresh products but about the recipes which were enclosed and trying new things.

My box arrived, delivered to work as delivery can be between certain times in the day (the bain of working parents lives!) The box was well packaged and items that needed to be in the fridge were in a special cool bag. The recipes all looked super exciting and delicious. I liked that all the portions were ready sorted so there was no half of this, 300ml of that etc it was ready to go.
My main worry was that the recipes didn’t seem as simple as I’d hoped. This wasn’t something that Hello Fresh had promised however it was just my thoughts that they would be “quick and easy.” That said none of them were a particular challenge but with 2 hungry children I felt I had gained back some time on the preparation but perhaps not in the cooking.

Still, I duly took the box home which delighted my husband to see some lovely foods that he’d not tasted in over 3 years! I got to work cooking the first meal. I chose the easiest one first, to give me an idea of getting back into cooking. I followed the recipe to the mark and with all the portions ready to go I did feel that this was definitely easier than starting from scratch. Once the meal was ready and both children had turned their noses up at trying some, myself and my husband sat down to eat.

The result?

Well it was a fabulous tasting meal. I genuinely mean that. I was amazing. Such a mixture of flavour and texture that you just don’t get when throwing something together in half an hour to satisfy 3 hungry beings. I was worried that the portion sizes would be too small, given that my husband and I are definitely “eaters” however while my husband probably could have eaten more, I was full. I would say that they were decent portion sizes.

The next night I tried one of the more difficult looking recipes. I say difficult but I really mean it was more hassle. Cooking meat and then taking it out, cooking something else, coating this, stirring in that. The work paid off though as we enjoyed another delicious meal, which the children again turned their noses up at. (Don’t worry we did feed them something else!)

My husband enjoyed 1 of the meals to himself as I’m not a huge fish fan but all in all we thoroughly enjoyed our Hello Fresh experience. It was however rather expensive to carry on without the discount we were offered on the first box, so we did not continue to receive. We obviously also couldn’t keep spending extra money to feed the children and spending extra time cooking them a different meal. However I don’t doubt that if it was just me and my husband and we were working, it would be well worth investing in a Hello Fresh box maybe every fortnight, potentially every week dependent upon income. 

Fancy £20 off your first order (and I get £20 off my next box too, the hubby will be grateful I can assure you!) Click Here: http://www.hellofresh.co.uk/?c=TB5T87

Apologies for the poor quality of these images, I was rather keen to get eating!